This is a very early prototype for a stealth game with mechanics from the game Snake. Your length is your health, but being longer means you can be spotted easier, and be hit easier as well. However, due to time constraints, the majority of mechanics were not implemented during the jam period. The jam version is playable now, while work continues to be done to implement basic stealth gameplay in later versions, which will not be uploaded until after the judging period, to avoid confusion.

Keyboard Controls:

Directions — move

A, S — cycle through items

X — use item

Console Controls:

Directions — move

X, Y — cycle through items

B — use item


Ration: use while moving to grow your snake

Cigarettes: continuously hurts you while equipped. Smoking is hazadous to your health!

Colt Single Action Army (six-shot revolver pistol): not yet implemented


The earliest prototype for this game was originally created for the first Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam <>. The theme was "Downwell's Dual Purpose Design."

This game runs on the TIC-80 fantasy console <>. It is intended to work on any OS in a modern browser using HTML5, or on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU+Linux x86/x86_64 and other OSes using the native client, available from the TIC-80 website.


Jam version TIC file 34 kB

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