Push blocks to solve puzzles.

This is an enhanced port of a calculator game released in 2001. Produced by Detached Solutions, it was released as part of a collection of four puzzle games called PuzzPack. Here is a website about the original.


Directions to move, hold A key (Y button on console or on mobile) to retry the level.

Not tested on mobile.


pegs2_post-jam_v1.1.tic 55 kB
Jam Version HTML.zip 937 kB
Jam version.tic 55 kB


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This is a really cool puzzle game idea.  I'm not much of a puzzle game guy, so this bite sized chunk was the perfect size...for me.  Although you introduced a new mechanic at the very end that I wanted to see how you used in future levels.  I could see this being a really good, full featured game.

Nice game. Camera effects look really good, puzzles are easy but not boring. Too short maybe, it just start the appetite. Good entry.